What Is A Decentralized equity fund(DEF)?
Adamantium is a titano and sphere fork but with few changes as the Risk Free Value (RFV) has been replaced with Decentralized Equity Fund (DEF), which is a separate wallet that supports the protocol via cross chain farming and token acquisition. The DEF uses an algorithm that backs the Rebase Rewards and is supported by a portion of the buy and sell trading fees and the rewards of cross-chain farming that accrue in the DEF wallet.
In simple terms, the staking rewards ) which are distributed every 30 minutes at a rate of 0.027521% are backed by the DEF, thus ensuring a high and stable interest rate to $ADM holders. The DEF functions as an additional financial support for the Treasury.
This additional support can become important in the event of an extreme price drop of the $ADM token. It helps to create a floor value for the $ADM token.
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