Why is the protocol taxed?

In order to sustain the protocol with ample resources to upkeep liquidity, DEF, hedging against inflation & provide funds to the investment fund, we've included taxes into our protocol.

What are you taxed on?

You're taxed every time you buy or sell your $ADM tokens.
The taxes are as follows:
  • 15% buy tax
  • 20% sell tax

Where do the taxed tokens go?

The taxes are always fixed to one destination, in fixed amounts.
For buying & selling:
  • 1/3% of all taxes will go towards the investment treasury which will be used to acquire more governance, buy into a variety of different cross-chain endeavors, it will also be used for marketing and audit. All of the following will fund the protocol in the long run.
  • 1/3% of all taxes on the LP to ensure enough liquidity when buying or selling.
  • 1/3% of all taxes are directly going to the Decentralized Equity Fund (Def), which will hedge against volatility in the market to ensure stability in price for the $ADM token.